children ski lessons

A fun way to learn skiing!

If your child is a beginner or wishes to learn safely at his own pace, the ESF Montclar offers ski lessons for the little ones.

Whether your child wants to perfect his style or simply to be accompanied in this new skiing experience, our instructors will do their best to adapt themselves to your child’s level to make it quickly improve.

group lessons

All week long, our instructors accompany your children on the slopes. There they will teach them skiing in a fun and convivial atmosphere.
Lessons are meant to be playful so that your children can quickly improve and consider skiing as an amusing activity.

Group Lessons > WEEK

HoURSAll levels

morning   afternoon 
French term time
Ourson to Gold Star Level
11H - 13H
French holidays
Christmas holidays 
From 24/12 to 29/12/2018
9H - 12H
Christmas holidays
From 31/12/17 to 05/01/18
9H - 12H15H - 17H*
February holidays
From 11/02 to 16/02/18
9H - 12H13H - 15H*
February holidays
From 18/02 to 23/02/18
9H - 12H15H - 17H*
February holidays
From 25/02 to 09/03/18
9H - 12H13H-15H*** or 15H-17H*
* Only from the Ourson to the 2nd Star Level
**Only from the Ourson to the 3rd Star Level 
***Only from the Ourson to the Bronze Star Level

rates  -  group lessons 
From Sunday to Friday 

French term time
6 x Mornings * (6 x 2H)123€
1 x Morning (1 x 2H)28€
French holidays
6 x Mornings * (6 x 3H)172€
6 x Afternoons * (6 x 2H)123€
1 x Morning (1 x 3H)41€
1 x Afternoon (1 x 2H)28€
* Test level and medal included. 

Group Lessons > WEEKEND

HoursOn Saturdays and Sundays - All season

From 23/12/17 to 01/04/1813H - 15H10H - 12H

rates - group lessons weekendAll levels / MINIMUM 4 participants

1 x Lesson  -  Saturday OR Sunday28€
1 x Lesson Week-end  -  Saturday + Sunday 52€

Group lessons > GRAND PARTICULIER (only during French Holidays in February)

HoURSOnly during February holidays 

From 25/02 to 02/03/18 and From 04/03 to 09/03/18
Midday12H -  13H30

rates - GRAND PARTICULIER 4 participants MAXIMUM per Level (from Flocon Level to Gold Star Level)

6 x Middays212€

Private lessons

iNFORMATIONSduring all the Season

What you can do (1h lesson) : 

Other Hours available, please contact us

Prices private lessonsAll Levels - All ages

Private lessons - 1Hfrench term timefrench holidays
1 Person40€ 45€
2/3 Persons55€ 61€
4/5 Persons67€ 72€
Pack 6 Days x 1H, from 234€ 270€
french term timefrench holidays
1/2 Day (3H)  *115€ 160€
1 Day (7H)  *250€ 340€
* 1 to 8 persons, similar Levels

competition training course


French School Holidays :
Every Friday : Flèche Test
Every Saturday : Chamois Test
Meeting at 9H  &  Starts 10H
Boardercross Ski or Snow 10H-12H 

French Term Time :
Every Saturday : Flèche & Chamois Test 
Meeting at 9H  &  Starts 10H

rates - competitionOne trial with the Opener and 2 races.

1 x Race Flèche OR Chamois13€
2 x Races Flèche AND Chamois18€
Your child is not insured by the ESF!
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