adults/teens ski lessons

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Has it been a while since the last time you skied?
Are you a beginner or do you just want to go gently back on track? A
s it is never too late to learn or to simply improve, the ESF Montclar offers adults to (re)discover the pleasures of skiing!
In all weathers and snow conditions, our instructors will share their tips in a friendly environment to turn you into the best skier ever.
Take a look at the group and private lessons of the ESF Montclar!

               adults/teens group lessons

group lessons

Group lessons > WEEK

HOursSki group lessons Teens/Adults

From22/12/2019 to 03/01/2020
From 09/02 to 08/03/2020
From 16/02 to 21/02/2020
From 23/02 to 28/02/2020
minimum 3 persons necessary per Group per Level

rates - group lessons - weekFrom Monday to Friday, min. 3 persons /Group/Level

CHristmas & february holidays
5 x 3H (9H-12H) Test & Medall (max 12 Persons/Group)180€
1 x 3H (9H-12H)44€
february holidays
5 x 1H30 (9H-10H30 or 10H30-12H) Test & Medall (max 6 Persons/Group)180€

                  adults/teens private lessons

                       possible every day between 9am and 5pm
               depend of the availabilities of the instructors

InfoAll season

What you can do (1h lesson) :


Other Hours available, please contact us

rates - private lessonsAll levels

private lessons  -  1Hfrench term timefrench holidays
1 Person42€ 49€
2/3 Persons56€ 66€
4/5 Persons69€ 77€
Pack 6 days x 1H + Medall, from232€ 270€
private lessons - 1h30french term timefrench holidays
1 person63€ 73€
2/3 persons84€ 99€
4/5 persons103€ 115€
hire your instructor  -  
 half or whole day 
french term timefrench holidays
1/2 Day  (3H) * 120€ 170€
1 Day  (7H) *260€ 350€
* 1 to 8 persons, similar Levels